24. Februar 2012#

DEZPERADOZ – New album “Dead Man´s Hand”!

DEZPERADOZ…..Ennio Morricone meet`s metal

An uniquely crossover between heavy rock and western-sounds, invented and started by Alex Kraft (Onkel Tom, Sodom). Originally formed as a project with Tom Angelripper (Sodom, Onkel Tom) on vocals, Dezperadoz turned out to be a real band long ago.

Alex Kraft, singer, guitarist, songwriter and his Dezperadoz are filling a gap in the music world by transferring the rough feeling of the good old Italo-western movies into today`s world of rock / metal.

After the first strike “Dawn of Dying” (2000, Drakkar Records) which earned a lot of positive reviews, Alex Kraft decided to take over the lead vocal part after a longer break and some lineup changes.

2006, DEZPERADOZ released the second record “The Legend and the Truth”, a concept-album about the life of the western legend Wyatt Earp. Produced by Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69) the album, which features Tobias Sammet, Michael Weikath, Doro and others for some speaking parts, was released by AFM Records and followed by some support-tours and festival shows.

2008, the third opus “An Eye for an Eye”, again a concept-album, was released.

It tells the story about a man on the death row back in 1898, a faithful and religious man who killed his friend for revenge and condemned to death by the state. Once more this album is produced By Dennis Ward and released by AFM Records.

Support shows for acts such as Krokus, Gotthard, Thin Lizzy, Rage, Sodom, Doro, Volbeat, U.D.O, Tesla and many others, shows that DEZPERADOZ is not just another stereotypic band and able to impress different types of audiences.

Festival shows like Wacken, With Full Force, Earthshaker, Summer Breeze and others are done as well as gigs and touring through Europe and Russia.

2012, with a new record-deal signed by the old companions Drakkar-Records, the fourth album “Dead Man’s Hand” will be released as well as a reissue of the first record “Dawn of Dying” inkl. a bonus track.

Yippie Ya Yeah!

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