23. März 2012#

PETTER CARLSEN – “Clocks Dont´t Count” to be released May 25th 2012

From Alta, far up in Northern Norway, comes singer and music maker Petter Carlsen. His debut album “You Go Bird” was released in august 2009. The music is atmospheric and melodic. In January 2011, he released his new album “Clocks Don’t Count” in Norway, which was awarded 5/6 in 10 Norwegian Newspapers and received a warm welcoming amongst his fans. Now the time has come to release this album in Europe. Petter has teamed up with the UK indie label Function Records (functionrecords.com). The date for the album release is May 25.

Singer Vincent Cavanagh from Anathema (UK) contributes on the song “Built to Last”, and singer songwriter Unni Wilhelmsen from Norway sings with Petter on “Table for One”.

”once I heard Petter Carlsen’s incredible voice and beautiful songwriting, as well as his warm personality, I always felt that he would be connected to and part of the inner circle of Anathema for a long time to come. Quite apart from being a great friend, he is one of the most talented musicians I have ever met in my life.”
– Danny Cavanagh, Anathema.

Petter has been the opening act on Anathemas last european tour (late 2010 and early 2011). 55 gigs in 15 countries.

This is what the Norwegian press said about “Clocks Don’t Count”:

“The amazing voice from the north”


“Petter Carlsen has an unique ability to write songs that captivate you”

- Harstad Tidende

“To those of you who have never heard Petter, I envy you this opportunity to get to know him for the first time.”

- Norskmusikk.org

“Magic from Petter Carlsen”

- Altaposten

“”Clocks Don’t Count” stands out from the crowd” -

Rana Blad

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