27. März 2012#

ZODIAC – Debut album “A Bit of Devil” to be released May 25h, 2012!

The bluesdriven rock band ZODIAC celebrates the 70s spirit without neglecting the musical development since then. Drummer Janosch Rathmer (also playing in Long Distance Calling) and supreme guitarist/singer Nick Van Delft started jamming in 2010. They soon found a common sense for the project that should become ZODIAC. Guitarist Stephan Gall (Rocketchief) and Robert Kahr (Rocketchief) on bass and organs completed the line-up short time later.

The four musicians quickly grew together as a unit, sharing the same musical horizon and passion for playing, so that in 2011 their first EP was recorded. This first impression got a stunning feedback (demo of the month in Visons and Rock Hard Germany, CD feature in Classic Rock Magazine UK and features in many well known online blogs) and the first edition was sold out in 3 weeks. A limited vinyl edition will be available in March!

This encouraged the band to hit the studio again in early 2012 to record their first LP. This full length album that goes by the name “A Bit Of Devil” combines all the elements that make ZODIAC: soulful guitars, energetic drums, bluesy riffs and charismatic vocals!

You have some straight forward rock songs with nice twin guitars (A Bit Of Devil, Carnival, Assembly Line) as well as bluesdriven songs like the passionate ZZ TOP-Cover „Blue Jean Blues“ or the extraordinary „Thunder“! The final song „Coming Home“ combines all the elements ZODIAC stands for in a ten minutes long track!

The excellent sound created by veteran sound engineer Martin Meinschaefer (Henrik Freischlader) recorded at the Megaphon Tonstudios fits perfect to the music. It is warm, natural and big without being typical retro. It’s just a good recording and can easily come up to the standard of the big names!

Besides their recording activities ZODIAC concentrated on doing what they could do best: hitting the stage and bringing their songs to everyone who likes well played and handmade rock music. Doing so, they had the chance to join the stage with acts like Graveyard and Church of Misery. But there will follow more shows, tours and festivals. The variety of their music allows them to play rock/metal shows as well as blues festivals!

So for fans of all the classic acts like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Thin Lizzy or the new names like Black Country Communion, Joe Bonamassa and even Graveyard ZODIAC should be an exciting band to discover.

A Bit of Devil“ will be out on 2012/05/25
on Honest Hound Records/Cargo

www.zodiac-rock.com www.facebook.com/zodiac.rock

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