Markus Ruf

Markus Ruf and his work can be seen as an interface between music, grafical designs and photography. Having spent most of his days dedicating to music with the very successful FEAR MY THOUGHTS, his ambition to bring only outstanding, creative and asthetically unflawed artworks and photographs into being, fits right into his overarching concept of art.

Being able to not only understand a musical artist`s wish to be put into scene right, but to have the perspective from the other side, helped him locking down the biggest metal bands in Germany. He contributed countless shirt designs, cover artworks or photographs for international high-flying acts like Heaven Shall Burn, Caliban, Neaera, Deadlock, Hatebreed or Terror.

His ability to capture an artists idea, abstract it and to convert it into a complete and complementary, all-encompassing result, makes him and his work not only individual, but artistic, too. Through his background in music he has the mindset for the industry, but he and his customers also benefit from the different approaches: he composes design like music.

After studying graphic design and photography he works as a freelancer since 2009 on many different projects. For example in the artists collective The Seed or the established green clothing label Greenality, whose designs he is responsible for exclusively.

The synergy effects that transform a good product into something outstanding can only be achieved, when everyone involved pulls the right strings at the right time. Or let Markus Ruf orchestrate and pull them for you.

REFERENCES: www.markusruf.de